Presented in Sarasota’s Pioneer Park

    at the historical

    Crocker Memorial Church

    1260 12th Street

    over two weekends

    on Saturdays and Sundays

    January 28, 29, Feb. 3, 4, 5

    Showtimes: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9:30pm

    All tickets $15

    Tickets on sale now!

  • And Announcing

    Our Second Venue!

    One of Sarasota’s newest and exciting events, brings together a select, gifted group of 22 solo artists who have created performances that are

    Unique, Brave and Uplifting!

  • 2017 SaraSolo Festival Schedule


    *Note that After Hours Performances are held at The Starlite Room, 1001 Cocoanut Ave

    GOLDEN ROADS: New Musical about Golda Meir - Sat. 1/28 @1pm

    Sharon Ohrenstein

    Sharon Ohrenstein (book and lyrics) performs multiple characters as Golda takes her extraordinary journey from Pinsk to Prime Minster of Israel. Her true love and spirit guide, Zion, follows her every move. Nobody Can Tell Me, I Do, We Have Returned, My Heart Is Always Home (composer: David Ohrenstein) are a few of the songs.


    THE PINK HULK: A One Woman’s Journey To Find The Superhero Within - Sat. 1/28 @3pm

    Valerie David​

    Valerie David’s hilarious and moving journey about becoming a two-time cancer survivor, kicking cancer to the curb while she embarks on a nonstop quest for love and new meaning in her life! Having had lymphoma, she is now diagnosed with breast cancer. Experience her devastation-turned-determination as Valerie’s “hulk-like” strength inspires her resolve to find her superhero within—a true and inspiring story!

    Show website: http://pinkhulkplay.com/

    GUTLESS & GRATEFUL! - Sat. 1/28 @5pm

    Amy Oestreicher

    Amy had ambitious plans for Broadway, until she abruptly developed a blood clot the week before her high school senior prom. Months later, she awoke from a coma to learn that after her stomach had exploded, she might never be able to digest food again. But after 27 surgeries, determination and an inner "hunger" for life, she learned that the human spirit heals through “gutsiness”, gratitude, and an overabundance of humor.

    SPITTING IN THE FACE OF THE DEVIL - Suzanne Bachner Director and Developer

    - Sat. 1/28 @7pm

    Bob Brader​

    In this daring, uplifting and often comedic solo show, Bob Brader tells the gripping, true story of discovering that his abusive and charismatic ex-Marine father is a pedophile.Hailed by critics as “brilliant”, “masterful” and “unforgettable”, the show toured the U.S. and Canada to tremendous critical acclaim.“Best Show of the London Fringe” from The Beat Arts in London, “Fringe Hit” in the Atlantic Fringe, “Pick of the Fringe” at the Victoria Fringe Festival, “Best of the Fringe” at the San Francisco Fringe Festival and “Best Script” and “Best Encore” in the United Solo Theatre Festival, NYC.

    Artist website: http://bob-brader.com/


    - Sat 1/28 @9:30pm

    *SaraSolo After Hours - The Starlite Room

    Paula Broadwater​

    Listen Ya'll. You are what you think. Now that can be pretty or it can down right stink. This Georgia peach by way of Mobile, AL will share her thoughts on the matter and sing straight into your soul with music of Cole Porter, Sondheim, and maybe a little Patsy Cline before the evening is through. Accompanied by the fabulous Justin Havard, Paula will croon, swing, belt and show you her true heart. Lots of layers to this Vidalia onion.


    SASSAFRAS-SKIN - Sun. 1/29 @1pm

    Frannie Oates​

    Sassafras-skin is Frannie’s memoir depicting her eclectic journey from Southern Belle shoulda-be thru tribal wanna-be to almost finding her outer-cowboy and , in the end, finally discovering her inner. Frannie enjoys weaving together spoken word with music using an array of enticing acoustic instruments from Hawaiian guitaralele to West African bourgaraboo and more to enhance her unique, often mirthful, performances.

    BED, BETH AND BEYOND - Sun. 1/29 @3pm

    Beth Dzuricky

    BED, BETH AND BEYOND is an uncommonly honest and personal story of transformation. Alternating between story-telling and re-enactment, Beth uses humor and ritual to transform desire and loss into a bed of roses. From Erie, PA to NYC, go to the depths with Beth in this diving pool of drama and spiritual comedy.

    Artist Website: http://www.bethdzuricky.com/

    STARLIGHT! STARBRIGHT! I wish I was a star tonight - Sun. 1/29 @5pm

    Joseph Galata​

    Desperate to become famous, 64 year old Myuoso, is auditioning for a reality TV series. Along with demonstrating his diverse talents, the producers require him to reveal a personal secret- one he has never shared with anyone. Weaving music, ethnic dance, Eastern Europe cuisine, and storytelling, Myuoso shares the turbulent challenges of a man’s healing from adolescent sexual abuse.

    FREEPLAY - Sun. 1/29 @7pm

    Michael Royal: Jazz Pianist

    Freeplay. How do you make it up as you go along? In a world where the entertainment industry treats music as a commodity and prospers on artificial divisions, Royal’s FreePlay music uses cultural inheritances without re=creating them and draws upon a variety of elements from different sources. Feeling is always the generating force.

    Artist Website: http://www.michaelroyal.com/


    - Sun. 1/29 @9:30pm

    *SaraSolo After Hours - The Starlite Room

    Lori D. Shannon​

    Superwoman Died Tonight is based on original works by Lori D. Shannon concerning her life experiences and her family’s struggle with addiction. It also explores the myth of the Strong Black Woman and the burden of trying to live up to a lifetime of unrealistic historical and social expectations.

    HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamar - Written by Heather Massie Directed by Joan Kane

    -Sat. 2/4 @1pm

    Heather Massie

    Hedy Lamarr, glamorous siren of the silver screen, was more than the most beautiful woman in the world. She invented Frequency Hopping and Spread Spectrum Technology that make the world of wireless communication tick. From Austria to Hollywood, WWII, torpedoes. ecstasy, and intrigue to the very cell phone in your pocket, she was there.


    WORDS FROM THE HEART - Sat. 2/4 @3pm

    Alan Brasington​

    Words From The Heart is about a Boy who lives in a world which is alien and how he attempts to belong. Alan was the recipient of the "Bravura Award" at the 2016 SaraSolo Festival for POEMS FROM THE HEART

    BECOMING MIA ROSE - Sat. 2/4 @5pm

    Clara Francesca​

    "I was always pretending to be somebody else ..." - Mia Rose/Marilyn Monroe

    Mia Rose's world is chaos. She dreams of Marilyn and men - fantasy and reality are converging, memories of childhood erupting, as Mia Rose grapples with a complex insight into her womanhood and her multiple selves.In between love, sex, violence, is redemption really possible? Clara Francesca was awarded the "Best Artist Award" at the 2016 SaraSolo Festival for MRS. MARX.


    Adelaide Mestre​

    Adelaide Mestre’s story of her journey to Cuba to seek out her deceased father’s piano and a chronicle of growing up on Manhattan’s Upper East Side with her mother, a thrice married, opera-singing socialite and her father, a gay, Cuban, manic-depressive concert pianist. You will laugh, cry and maybe even… sing.

    THE BIRTH OF HUMOR - Sat. 2/4 @9:30pm

    *SaraSolo After Hours - The Starlite Room

    Stephen K Davis

    The Birth Of Humor is a collection of real life events of a gay boy growing up in the South, juxtaposed with a stand-up comedy act. From the perspective of a New York actor/comedian performed by a stand-up comedian, this play takes a look at where humor comes from and the importance of laughter in life.

    GUIDANCE ON DEMAND - Sun. 2/5 @1pm

    Kaylene McCaw​

    Guidance On Demand is a visitation with Our Lady Melody, who is a senior technician with Universal Technical Support. Due to a high volume of calls on the Help Line, she has remoted in to provide some critical updates and walk you through a system re-boot. Our Lady cleans up the glitches in your navigational software with storytelling and original music. Caution: May cause spontaneous ascension. Kaylene is the recipient of the 2016 "John Ringling Towers Award."

    A STOPPING PLACE - Sun. 2/5 @3pm

    Stephen Powell​

    Midway through his journey in life, a man finds himself in a dark room. He is lost, but he has a plan. If he can overcome what brought him to this point, a way forward could appear. It’s a simple task. And then there’s the red ball. Stephen is the recipient of the 2016 United Solo Award for "Best Storytelling Show" for A STOPPING PLACE.

    SYNDROME - Sun. 2/5 @5pm

    Timothy McCown Reynolds​

    A play about a man sitting in his room attempting to muster the courage to meet his parents for dinner. We quickly discover that there are reasons for his anxiety, stemming from his submission to Syndrome, a "spectrum of psychological disorders" that have taken over his mind via the following code words: Tourette's, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Paranoia, and Delusion.
    Of course, this man is perfectly normal, but he has a job to do. He must conquer Syndrome. And the only way to do that is by fully engaging, and then defusing, his manic-depressive arrayof memories, obsessions, and tics.


    SHIRLEY AND ME - Sun. 2/5 @7pm

    Jan Wallace​

    Having performed Shirley Valentine over a four-year period around New York and Connecticut, Jan Wallace, with humor and honesty, relives her experience of performing the show, how it affected her then and how the character of Shirley inspires her now. She once again brings to life Shirley Valentine as she includes some memorable extracts from this remarkable play.


    3 performers in staged works-in-progress.

    Fri. 2/3 @7pm - *The Starlite Room

    Steve McAllister​ - THE COWBOY CABARET

    An interactive performance of music, poetry, improv, and comedy. Audiences get the opportunity to select the songs they want to hear, which are accompanied with poems and anecdotes of life on the range and within the fences we’ve built.

    Gabrielle Lennon - TOUCH ME REAL

    A moving play about longing and loss when someone who at one time seemed familiar, loving and gentle, shows a deeply disturbing side.

    Anne Foley AlperMOTHER LOAD AND MORE

  • "Betwixt Week" Monday-Friday 1/30-2/3


    Ann Morrison's Vocal Performance Master Class

    Blake Walton's Solo Playwriting Workshop "That's My

    Story And I'm Sticking To It"

    Plus Workshops, Classes and Performances TBA

    The Starlite Room, 2nd Fl.

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  • Who We Are

    Founded two years ago, Gotta Van Productions produces affordable theatre presented in traditional and non-traditional spaces, such as Home Resource and The Starlite Room, that supports diversity, collaboration, and the transformative power of intimate theatre for both artists and audiences. Gotta Van is the presenter of the SaraSolo Festival, celebrating the solo performer.

    Ann Morrison, Artistic Director

    Ann Morrison, Artistic Director

    Blake Walton, Associate Artistic Director


    Board of Directors

    Jan Docking, President

    Alan Brasington

    Carole Goff

    Natalie Gundrum

    Carole Kleinberg

    Carol Wolf

    Advisory Board

    Rod Rawlings, Interim Chair

    Joan Lowery

    Dr. Louis Irowitz

    Harmon Greenblatt


    The 2016 SaraSolo Festival

    The 2015 SaraSolo Festival

    Performances at Home Resource, Sarasota

    The Starlite Room, Sarasota

    and United Solo Festival, NYC

  • Latest News

    Jan Docking Named New Board President of Gotta Van Productions

    Gotta Van Productions is pleased to announce that Jan Docking, of Sarasota, has assumed the role of

    President of the Board of Directors effective immediately.

    In addition to a stellar career in finance and human resources, most recently with the City of Sarasota, Jan brings many years of expertise in Board Work for nonprofit organizations. As a vital member of the Board of the Directors of Key Chorale for 14 years, she contributed in a wide range of capacities including development, event planning, marketing, and community outreach.

    Mrs. Docking has had a lifelong love of the arts and has been involved in local community theater productions on

    stage and/or backstage in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and Anna Maria Island.

    The Giving Challenge

    Our first year was a success!

    Thanks to our generous donors through the Giving Challenge,

    we were able to raise $5,916, most of which will be tripled when matched by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County

    and the supporting partners!

    These dollars will help us tremendously as we look forward to the 2017 SaraSolo Festival in January!

  • SaraSolo Festival

    Celebrating the solo performer

    Presented by Gotta Van Productions

    at the Crocker Memorial Church, Pioneer Park

    2016 SaraSolo

    Last year we hosted 24 performers in 16 presentations

    Our Artists

    Our performers included local luminaries Carolyn Michel, Christine Alexander, Lynne Bernfield, Alan Brasington, and Jenny Aldrich. Our audiences were introduced to new friends Becca McCoy, Wayne Hosford, Zach Dorn, Stevie Coyle, Vanessa Webb, Clara Francesca and Kaylene McCaw. 

    2015 SaraSolo

    Our first festival brought performers mostly from Sarasota and Tampa Bay. Three performers represented award winners from The United Solo Festival in New York including Internationally known mime and actor Bill Bowers.

    Sarasota Magazine

    Best New Festival

    This new festival, the brainchild of Sarasota actress Ann Morrison and former Sarasotan Blake Walton, started small, celebrating the art of the one-person show with about 15 different acts at the Crocker Memorial Church. You were bound to find something you liked. Stay tuned for news of next year’s event

    2015 Handy Awards

    Special Recognition

    SaraSolo Festival co-founders Blake Walton, left, and Ann Morrison, right, with mime Bill Bowers before his performance of "It Goes Without Saying" at the first festival, which is recognized in the 2015 Handy Awards as a New Arrival. Staff photo/Jay Handelman

    I thought my appetite for one-person shows would be more limited than it turned out to be during the inaugural SaraSolo Festival, two weekends of solo performances that were either musical, historical or fictional. I saw more than half the offerings and it was entertaining to experience such a variety, even when the results weren’t always polished. Founders Ann Morrison, Blake Walton and David Coyle will be back with another two-weekend festival, this time starting in late January.


  • See SaraSolo

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